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Artists I ADORE-Coin Ring Bling

There are few things I enjoy more than showing support for other artists. Learning a craft and sharing it with the world can be tough, but we have an awesome community, and I figured it would be cool to spotlight those I've come across that I absolutely love.

Not sure how often I'll do posts like this, but when I do it will be me randomly picking my favorites. Could be authors, painters, jewelry makers, whatever.

Today, I want to show you the work of Coin Ring Bling!

Image may contain: outdoor

These rings are all made with different coins, which is really cool. Right now me and my girls each have one made from State themed quarters. I got Texas.

The picture doesn't do the ring justice. It's so pretty and fits comfortably, even when I'm writing. I've never found a ring that works with typing before--that's a me thing, some authors can type with rings on all their fingers.

Not sure they're human, but it's impressive. ;)
My next ring is going to be a big, badass silver piece. I don't wear much jewelry, but I'm a tad bit obsessed with these.

Check it out and you'll see why!
Image may contain: 1 person

I must have this one too! Because...DRAGONS!

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I'm simply in awe of how beautiful these are!
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If you want to see more rings like this, or you wanna order one for yourself, check out the store here:
Know of any artist you think are absolutely incredible? Tell me about them in the comments!

If it's your own work, feel free to brag a bit! I won't promise to feature anyone on the blog, but I'll definitely check you out!

Hope everyone's having an awesome Thursday! Hugs and Kisses and tons of love! <3

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OMG, this book! lol

I love every single book I write, but this one pushed me to another level.  So much that I've already started writing BOOK THREE.

And yes, I have so many books planned that should come first, but with Winter's Wrath, I feel the same drive I do with the Cobras. These guys are something else.

And they make our hockey boys seem so well behaved! <g>

Of course, it would be interesting to see them all get together some day. A crossover between the players and the band...

Yep, my muse likes that idea VERY much!

Anyway, so this is gonna be quick, because there's so much to do, but I have a little treat for you to celebrate the release of DIMINISHED.

Simply comment on this post for a chance to win ONE of THREE audiobooks for BACKLASH (Winter's Wrath #1). The narrator is incredible, and we should be starting on the audiobook for Diminished soon.

Shares are hugs and kisses, so please let your friends know they can join in the contest too! 
**Note: Winner will be chosen in aprox 24hours. Please leave your email so I can contact you if you win. I'll announce the winners in a commet--I'll be stopping by for any questions, so feel free to ask away!**
When Shiori Ayase comes across a casting call to dance on stage for Winter’s Wrath with a model she idolizes, she jumps on the chance. She needs this opportunity to break free from the control of her stepfather, and she made her sister a promise on her deathbed. One that involves learning if the Trousseau brothers are the type of men that can be trusted. What better way to find out than by spending a few weeks with them on the road?

Brave Trousseau has to face the damage he’s done to the band in his efforts to push his younger brother away. But then his goddess, a young woman with a sharp wit and moves that drive him crazy, joins the band on tour to take over the sexy performance meant to entice the crowd, Brave ends up more than motivated to be on his best behavior.

Unfortunately, he’s not the only one enchanted with the girl. Malakai Noble, the band’s bassist, has always been a strong, steady presence at the core of Winter’s Wrath, but he’s now become Brave’s most bitter rival. How can Brave show he’s changed with Malakai's constant reminders of every mistake he’s made? With the band on the line, and Shiori stealing her way into his heart, maybe there’s only one way to prove he’s the better man. And that’s by letting her go.

Exclusive Excerpt from DIMINISHED (Winter's Wrath #2)

A steady hand settled on his shoulder and his voice became husky. He hadn’t seen Malakai move, but he sensed him there, at his back. There was a pause in the lyrics for Alder’s provocative solo. Danica had the crowd in the palm of her hand. His brother kept them moving with the sensual draw of the melody, notes mimicking a pulse picking up as lust took over.
Just like Brave’s was. He sucked in a breath as Malakai’s hand slick down his chest. An excited murmur flowed in an undercurrent from the crowd, but he hardly noticed them as Malakai latched onto the front of Brave’s jacket and twisted him around to face him.
This was an act. A diversion.
He had to remember that.
Guitar slung behind him, Malakai flashed an evil smile, tugging Brave’s jacket straps while grinding against his thigh. He brought his lips close to Brave’s ear, careful to keep clear of the mic.
“You look fucking terrified, Draven.” Malakai lightly bit his earlobe, letting out a rough laugh. “Relax.”
Relax? Is he fucking serious?
Malakai was always serious. And he was right. Brave had to be the slick player the fans knew or this little performance wouldn’t work. Which he could have done with almost anyone but Malakai. Malakai had been a friend when he’d been too fucked up to be one back. An enemy when Brave needed someone to challenge his every move.
And now he was… Fuck, when had the man learned to move like that? Brave stared into Malakai’s eyes, which always seemed to lack any color at all but black and white. But this close he could see a hint of blue, like the ocean at night when the water was almost completely still, but the slightest breeze revealed more. A quick glance and there was only darkness, but the faintest light bared the deep, rich shade.
Ever since he’d know Malakai, he’d been aware of only two sides to him. The calm and the rage. He’d learned to deal with each extreme, but what he saw now was something in between.
Something he hadn’t built up a defense for. Malakai completely in control was cold and level. His anger like being shoved into an artic pool, so icy it burned to the touch.
Right now he was a bonfire in the middle of a frozen tundra, drawing Brave close to the edge, but warning him not to get too close. Those flames were dangerous. Unpredictable.
Brave could become hypnotized, simply watching them, but he’d forgotten his place, his purpose, long enough. He wouldn’t be seeing this side of Malakai at all if Shiori didn’t need them to shift focus away from her. They had to give the vultures something else to circle.
He curved his hand around the back of Malakai’s neck, bringing their lips so close he could taste the other man’s breath on his lips. A hint of the beer he’d drank while teasing Brave. The mint underneath.
The song was almost over. Time to end this.
Flicking his tongue over Malakai’s bottom lip, Brave eased back enough to turn to the mic and whispered. “Slut.”
Unlike most of their shows, the crowd didn’t immediately cheer. Uncertainty rolled around them in the silence. Then it got loud.
Really fucking loud. Cat calls, some grumbling, but mostly the fans sharing a moment of intimacy they didn’t know how to absorb.
He couldn’t blame them. He wasn’t sure how to take it in himself. The second he released Malakai, the man returned to his place on stage, starting the next song with Alder, Connor, and Tate like nothing had happened.
Because nothing had happened. They’d done what they’d planned. Given the media something to talk about. An interesting story. A short clip of them touching, and dancing, and speaking softly. Tons to speculate about.
Not reality. Sure, it felt real to Brave, but he refused to let the moment sink in. Even though he wasn’t close to Malakai anymore, he understood how his mind worked. Shiori needed saving. He’d saved her, no matter the cost.
Even if it meant feigning interest in a man he hated.

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Loki, Are you used to women falling at your feet or was Solas a special case?

LOKI: Women do kneel in front of me as often as I like but I wouldn’t call it a fall as much as a sexual epiphany. Once they realize their place is on their knees for my pleasure—

SOLAS: *punches him on the arm and rolls her eyes* Any more kneeling for your pleasure and I’ll introduce all of you to the business end of my blade.

Solas, what was your first initial thought of Loki when you met?
SOLAS: The myth is bigger than the man—

LOKI: *snorts* I’m a god.

SOLAS: —at least that’s what I thought once I realized his real identity.

Loki seducing Solas… was that a way to thumb your nose at her father or just instant lust on your part?

LOKI: Instant lust. Flipping off her father was just an added bonus.

Solas, how did it feel to best the trickster god?

SOLAS: Soooo good. Better than manna from heaven. Rewarding in a way, none of my other missions were. I—

LOKI: *slides his thumb down the side of Solas’ neck* Let’s be honest, angel. You never really bested me. Had I used the full extent of my power, I’d have destroyed you before you got started good.

SOLAS: *blows him a raspberry* Pity the delusional god.

Solas, do you regret your decision to defy your father?

SOLAS: In the beginning I sometimes did, but even when I regretted my failure, I still couldn’t bring myself to kill Loki. I’ve only recently realized even before I met Loki, he’d saved me from a lonely existence.

LOKI: Second guess it again, angel, and I’ll have you back in my dungeon, chained for a proper punishment.

SOLAS: If a proper punishment is anything like last time, then that’s punishment, how?

Loki, what is your favorite part of immortality?

LOKI: Before Solas I would have said a never ending supply of women. But let’s be honest, it gets boring. I never consider how much better sex would be when shared emotions are involved. *glances at Solas* Solas is my favorite part of immortality.

Join Solas and Loki in REAPED, by Tina Carreiro and Gracen Miller, available now at all online retailers…

God ordered her to reap him…

Forged by her father’s hand to reap at His command, Solas was God’s most skilled Reaper. Killing on command, she had never questioned His directives—until now. Too bad Loki’s heart isn’t as black as she’s been led to believe. That would make her job easy. But she cannot dismiss the goodness she senses inside him. Bewildered by her attraction to Loki, she still craves returning home, but knows the only way back into her homeland is to obey God’s order. As the lines between allies and enemies are blurred, she questions who is weaving the biggest deception… the legendary trickster god or her own father?

But she can’t bring herself to swing her blade.

From the moment she fell at his feet, Loki mistrusted Solas. His intentions were simple, to use her and send her on her way. Then he discovered she was cast out of her homeland after defying her father’s order to reap him. Intrigued by a woman that would stand against the supreme God, Loki offers her his temporary protection while nursing his skepticism. Many warriors from the heavens have been sent to kill him, but only one has come this close. She’s the perfect weapon. A threat not just to his life, but also to his family and everything he stands for. He should take her life, but he craves protecting her and the secret she harbors more.

When you send a reaper to kill a god, don’t give her a reason to rebel.

A tentative alliance between Loki and Solas is brokered, but misunderstandings strain their fragile relationship. Battles are won and lost, but can Solas escape her father’s will? Faced with hard choices, Loki will have to decide what’s important to him. Or can he pull off the ultimate trick and win their freedom?

 “I think I might hate you.”
Loki laughed. “You wish you did, but I recognize that look in your eyes. Right now you’re curious what I’ll teach you first… and if you’ll like it. I promise by the time I’m finished teaching you the ways of pleasure, I’ll have your body so trained you’ll quiver in need from a feather-light caress.”
Solas crossed her arms beneath her breasts and leveled him with an incensed glare. “Your arrogance is—I’d say amazing, but that’s inaccurate. Atrocious is more like it.”
“Can’t be arrogance if it’s true.”
She knocked his hand aside. In return, he gripped her chin tighter and forced her head back so her undivided attention landed on him. “Listen carefully. I give you one warning only because you don’t know my ways. The next time you touch me like that, I’ll punish you.”
With defiance shining from her black eyes, she leaned back, disconnecting his hold. “Nothing’s stopping me from killing you, trickster.”
Her voice might’ve been impersonal, but her gaze had his cock jerking in his pants. If she lowered her focus, no way she’d miss his erection.
“It’s Loki, and if you wanted me dead, you wouldn’t be threatening me. Not that you’re a match for me.” He waved a finger at her. “God, remember?”
“I forgot, pity the delusional angel.”
He almost laughed at her sarcasm. “Better reapers than you have tried to snuff me.”
In the next breath, she had him against the wall with her forearm to his throat. “I realize crushing your windpipe won’t harm you, but never underestimate me, Loki. I’m sent in when all others fail.”
Good to know, but he couldn’t resist prodding her. “And yet you failed, too.”
“Unwise choices.” And they were back to that again. She lowered her arm and stared up at him. “Let’s not pretend for one moment I’m here for any reason other than I chose to be.”
“Another unwise choice, Solas?”
“I’m getting good at them.”
“How human of you.”
Mutiny blazed from her stare, and she angled her chin a notch higher. Damned if that wasn’t one of the pious angel glares he’d become accustomed to throughout his life. Hers had the opposite effect on him. Instead of driving his spear into her, he wanted to drive his cock into her body.
“So you’re choosing to stay with me?” He fingered her hair, relishing the cool silkiness of the locks.
She executed a dismissive one-shoulder shrug. “I can’t return to Heaven.”
“Unless you kill me.” Not that he would stand by and allow her to gut him, but he was curious what she’d say.
The dry smile failed to touch her eyes. “There is that.”

Author Bio’s

Gracen Miller :

Gracen is a hopeless daydreamer masquerading as a "normal" person in southern society. When not writing, she's a full-time mom for her two sons and a devoted wife to her real-life hero-husband. She has an unusual relationship with her muse, Dom, but credits all her creative success to his brilliant mind. She's addicted to writing, paranormal romance novels and movies, Alabama football and coffee...addictions are not necessarily in order of priority. She's convinced coffee is nectar from the gods and when blending coffee and writing together it generates the perfect creative merger. Many of her creative worlds are spawned from coffee highs and Dom's aggressive demands. To learn more about Gracen or to leave her a comment, visit her website at

Author Bio

Tina Carreiro:

Tina Carreiro is a multi-published author who resides in South Florida with her family. At the young age of 15, Tina started working to help her family and became a jack-of-all-trades, working in many different areas from managing an automotive shop, to putting her computer programming degree to use. In 2010, she retired from her office job to live her dream and write. Her addiction to romance novels began at a young age when she started sneaking her mom's Gray Eagle series by Janelle Taylor, and it was then her love for writing began. Her paranormal romance series, Power of the Moon, has gained popularity amongst the fans of this genre. Tina became a co-host on Encounters Live, a paranormal radio show, in 2009. Open to all things paranormal, Tina has had her own encounters with the paranormal but still approaches the topic from a logical angle. Tina is married to her best friend and Encounters Live co-host, Matt Carreiro, and is a full-time Boy Scout/camping/PS3/Minecraft mom for her son and daughter. When not writing, Tina enjoys reading romance novels, zombie movies, restoring classic cars, camping, and coffee with caramel macchiato creamer. Poking fun at herself, and everything in between is her key to laughter and a long and healthy life.

To learn more about Tina or to leave her a comment, visit her at




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To enter giveaway for a choice from GRACEN MILLER'S backlist, comment below! Please include your email so you can be contacted if you win!

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BEYOND Lions and tigers and Wolves! OH MY! Shifter romance as something NEW!

And here's where everyone starts howling about how awesome shifter romance is already. Chill. I kinda sorta agree with you.

Some of it absolutely is.

Some of it is typical alpha male. Only, with FLEAS!

But there's more to the genre than a story told with the edge of danger implied with wolf packs and mate bonds making the men extra growly. As fun as growly can be, it's the world building, the rich characters, the mythology given a fresh twist that makes these stories worth reading.

And like any other novel, the author's passion for the story shines through.

Sometimes that passion goes beyond the animals we've all become familiar with. Which is what I'd like to talk about today.

If you didn't know, I've been writing paranormal romance for awhile. Rosemary Entwined, my first published novel, has some creatures you've probably never heard of. And Evil's Embrace (Celestial Pets #1) has angels and demons, which are typically included in the genre.

But I'd never done a straight up shifter romance until I joined Milly Taiden's Kindle World.

Writing Tamed (Feral Bonds 0.5) was my first chance to really explore the genre and I fell head over heals in love with it. If you've read Tamed then no worries, there's plenty more where that came from!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

For Tamed I let an old love inspire me. As a kid, I was obsessed with unicorns, like many are when the world still seems so magical. I actually wrote a few stories, which weren't horrible for a seven year old, but definitely will stay hidden in my keepsake box! lol

There's one thing the unicorns in my first efforts have in common with those in the world I'm building now.

An edginess that doesn't fit with the typical idea of unicorns pissing rainbows and farting sparkles.

My unicorns make most wolf packs seem sweet and domestic.

Credit for this image goes to ME! <g>
But they're still majestic and beautiful. Their society has some major issue, but there are good people among them, ready to break free. Much of the series will cover their journey.

Besides the unicorns, I'll also be introducing many different creatures in this series, while delving deeper into the lives of creatures you're already familiar with. I always write what I love to read and delving into a story filled an author's own vision of men and woman who are part beast can be sexy and scary and thrilling.

In case you haven't checked out Tamed yet, here's a little teaser:
(Scroll down for the link to a new giveaway going on NOW!)

After putting a movie on, Zaire relaxed beside him on the sofa. Lathan smiled as he watched the man. He’d been telling the truth when he’d said he could picture him as a wild cat. Or any kind of feline, really. He stretched out on the sofa in a way that contrasted with his formal clothes, totally at ease, neither demanding attention or avoiding it. Lathan imagined the cat one of his foster parents had owned. He’d loved the furball, but he’d never been sure if it loved him back. Some days, it would rub against him, wanting to be petted. Other days it would ignore affection like it couldn’t be bothered with him.

He shifted closer to Zaire, stopping when Zaire turned to him with an easy smile. Zaire laughed, grabbed his arm, then tugged him close.

“Don’t ever hesitate with me, Lathan. I enjoy having you near.” Zaire idly stroked the back of Lathan’s neck. “I expected it to take longer before you were comfortable with my touch.”

“You’ve touched me a lot more than this over the past few weeks.” Heat spread over Lathan’s cheeks as he recalled all the times Zaire had helped him dress and undress. Had helped him get in the shower when he was concerned that Lathan would pass out from the pain. Always so clinical, so careful. The ‘touching’ now was like they’d just gone on their first date.

What he had with Zaire didn’t feel new. His touch was natural. This holding back, taking things slow, wasn’t. He wanted to rip off Zaire’s nice shirt, kiss him as he explored his sleek body, drop to his knees and…

A low growl escaped Zaire and Lathan held his breath, gaping up at the other man when he saw the golden glow of his eyes. He winced as Zaire’s fingers dug into his shoulder, nails gone to claw.
Zaire pushed him onto his back, rising over him, a deep rumble sounding in his chest. “You’re impossible to resist you when you smell like this, Lathan. Lust and need…it’s fucking intoxicating.”

Thanks so much for stopping by! Do you have a favorite shifter romance? Give your favorite one some love in the comments! :D

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Please welcome this week's Author of the Wild, 



As a special treat,  Roxanne Witherell is offering a sweet swag pack to TWO lucky WINNERS! Please comment with your email to enter!

Hi, everyone!!! I'm excited to be here with Bianca. My name is Roxanne Witherell. Most of you probably don't know me as my first book was published April, 2016 and the second in August 2016. Mountainside Resort has interesting characters. Brianna goes through a tremendous trauma and has to learn to overcome it. All the while other issues arrive threatening to tear her world apart.

If you haven't read Mountainside Resort you should check it out for a new series by a new author. I'm always looking for new readers. Also go by and like my facebook page for a chance at updates and more giveaways.
Brianna Thompson was unaware that she had a stalker. After she was attacked her best friend, Abby, convinces her to take a vacation out of state until the police catch the stalker. While on vacation Brianna runs into Caleb who walked out on her seven years earlier. Now all she wants to do is go back home.

Caleb Kingston left his old life behind seven years ago. Everything including the woman he loved. Now Brianna pops back into his life and he can't have her. She can never know his secret. Will she ever forgive him without knowing the truth?

Will Brianna's stalker catch up to her? Can she find it in her heart to forgive Caleb even though he won't give her straight answers? Or will her life be turned upside down?

Just as Brianna unlocked her door and started to open it, she caught a glimpse of something to her right. Before she could register what it is or even turn her head, a hard object hit the back of her head. Everything started going blurry and she could feel herself starting to fall forward. She tried to catch herself on the table beside the door. Missing the table, she sees two of, she clears it of all contents as she falls to the floor. Brianna began pushing herself up, when hands wrap around her arms and yanks her up. She is now face to face with Derek, he seems different. He has a dark aura around him. Although that could just be her imagination since she isn't thinking too clearly and her brain seems to be pounding against her skull. Brianna takes a step back and tries to pull herself free from his grasp with no success. Derek backhanded her across the face.

“Don't fight me, you won't win.” He spat at her, as she struggles to break free.

The more she fought, the bigger Derek's smile got. He was enjoying this. If only she was wearing pants instead of this stupid skirt. The skirt wouldn't allow her to get her leg up far enough, to kick him in his nuts, so Brianna decides to stomp on his foot with her heel.

“Son of a bitch!” He yells as he takes his hands off her to grab his foot. Bri bolted for the door but before she could turn the door knob, Derek had grabbed her blouse and yanked her backwards, ripping her blouse in the process.

“I said don't fucking fight me!” His voice was filled with anger as he backhands her across the face again, this time splitting her lip. How in the world can this thin man hit this damn hard? He had recovered from the heel to the foot, and now had her arms again, squeezing them tight.
“You think you can get away from me?” He says glaring at her. “Not this time. This time I will have your full attention. No passing me by with only a nod.”

Roxanne Witherell has enjoyed reading and writing stories her whole life. Living in South Carolina with her family of 6, imaginations run wild. It wasn't until 2015 when unexpected health issues came about that gave her the time to write full length books. Paranormal genre is what strikes her fancy. First series is wolf shifters but there's more to come with rare shifters, ghosts, vampires and anything else that goes bump in the night.

Connect with Roxanne HERE or visit her AMAZON PAGE.

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Sexy, Steamy Warrior Aliens are the New Book Boyfriends

By Mychal Daniels

I have a confession. I’m Mychal Daniels, and I write steamy romance that gives the reader new ideas and challenges as to what romance can be. Yes, I write and love contemporary, suspense, comedy, science fiction, fantasy and paranormal romance. Why? Because the sky isn’t even the limit, that's why. I can have the fun, intrigue, mystical, magical, supernatural romance I want and not just what mainstream media and entertainment want me to have. I can envision the hottest guys wanting someone like me and NOT what the current confines of reality tell me. Yeah, in these sexy, steamy tales I can have a sensitive, attuned, strong warrior who listens, protects and even understands what I want without being too soft or mushy. That’s the power of a great, steamy romance read.

Steamy Romance For The Win!

How do you want it? Answer: Anyway, you like it.

That’s the mantra I use when approaching a new romance story. As a woman who’s had years to prove I could be the good girl, I’ve got too many years to count that I successfully achieved and maintained that on my relationship resume’. Now, I’m able to fantasize and create romance the way it can be. That’s the wonder of having a strong female lead with an equally strong male lead (I right h/h romance).

Reading romance books all my life, I wondered why the women didn’t have more control of their situations. I remember reading how she never could understand what the guy wanted or that he was interested in her. I grew frustrated at how much credit the guy got for leading the relationship. I’m not going to lie, I put down romance for some years and read action fiction where there was something worth striving for. I loved how the characters got into the mix and had lives outside of who and how they loved.

It was this new slant on fiction that gave me the idea to try to write my stories. But before I’d try to do it, I’d have some rules. For instance, all my female characters had to either work for themselves or learn how to become their own boss in my stories. The other rule was that no white knights allowed! Nope, my female leads can save themselves, else why do they deserve to have their story told? So, with those two rules, I set out to go where my ideas took me. It was hard not falling back on the tendency to use the low hanging fruit of a strong man saving the day or making the female an employee (although I have no problems reading those stories). Instead, the challenge was there, and I accepted and continued to accept it every day.

And you what? My readers love it too.

I love when I get messages from readers saying how much they were inspired to check out a new business idea they got while reading one of my stories. I also love reading the reviews of how much having a strong female resonates with readers. Yeah, we have power, and we deserve to have it reflected in our fantasies too.

How Romance is Changing the World

I recently read that the explosion of powerful voices in romance books is creating a boom in some of the product industries. With the coming of strong female leads and freedom to write ménage, man love and other story lines that don’t get pushed back to the dungeon a new industry for male sexual enhancement toys is taking off. The article clearly gives romance writers a nod for helping it along.

What I realized is that as we read and learn more about our bodies and what we want, we, in turn, help our partners know what they want. The big reveal for me is that shame, fear and embarrassment over the natural process of love and sex is waning—at least for some romance readers. Having a healthy sexual outlook is paramount to biological wellbeing. Not going to lie, I stick my chest out a little bit as a romance author who believes sex is a blessing and nothing to be feared, ashamed of or hidden from mature adults. To know that I’m a part of an industry and force that is helping people renegotiate their understanding and perception of love and sex is powerful, it helps to fuel my love of writing these stories.

Escape from the Humdrum

Steamy romance is an escape from the humdrum every day. It’s the spicy take on a favorite dish. And, it’s the inspiration that helps us be more—us! When I was younger, I couldn’t see someone kissing or having a romantic moment without blushing or getting embarrassed. When my mother found a few of my romance novels as a teenager, I thought she was going to scold or punish me. Instead, she told me it was healthy and to remember that it was just fantasy.

Just fantasy…

Hmm. I think I owe some of the greats of romance for helping me to be exciting in relationships both platonic and romantic. Because of the bold evolution of romance over the years, I’ve been able to learn from the experience of “too stupid to live” characters to “I want to be her when I grow up” characters in romance books. There are so many examples of what to do and not to do in romance reads these days that a person can learn a lot on becoming socially mature enough to have a stable, long-lasting relationship.

Gone are the days when the book boyfriend was clearly fictional. Enter the realm of possibility and aspirations. I’ll admit I do things here and there to help my man become more of what he wants to be, and I have loads of experience from how it was done in these books to help me. One big takeaway I’ve learned from years of reading and writing romance is that we must teach people how to love and be with us.

Lessons learned from reading romance transcend the fantastical and help me and hopefully you daily.

It’s my hope that you take another look at all the things you’ve gleaned from romance reads and see just how far you’ve come as a person in your interpersonal relationships. I think you’ll be amazed.

As part of my thank you for reading this article, I’d like to give you the opportunity to pick up the first book of my best-selling Science Fiction Series: Olodian Aliens Warriors for free for a limited time. It’s a full-length Happy Ever After ending book with lots of action, humor and adventure to keep you intrigued.

Check it out here:

Thank you,
Mychal Daniels

Follow Mychal Daniels:


Rescued By Tordin: Olodian Alien Warrior Romance, Book #1

He walked away from the training room with her still in his arms. His strides were long and purposeful as Kyra clung to him. 
“I can walk, Tordin. I’m okay, I promise,” she said when he’d walked a few more moments without speaking or putting her down.
He ignored her and kept walking. Was he upset with her? She didn’t want to make matters worse. Maybe he’d heard her talking to Brantley and was upset with what she said or how harsh she’d been. Kyra’s nerves still hummed with adrenaline, and she didn’t know what to make of this, of him. She’d never seen him behave this way. 
When she saw the door to her rooms come into view, she prepared to get out of his arms, but he kept walking. Where was he taking her? 
A short time later and around the bend of the corridor, he came to another door and waved a hand over the panel to open it. He brought her inside a room that was vast and beautifully decorated. He still didn’t put her down until he’d made it to the lounging area. Once there, he gently sat down with her still in his arms. 
She didn’t dare move. Instead she relished the feel of his strong, protective arms around her trembling form. She was trembling, but why? Then it hit her; she started to cry. 
Damned wuss, she thought. 
What was the use of trying to hide from it any longer? The force of everything that had happened to her was too powerful. She gave into it and quaked with emotion and loss as tears burst forth uncontrollably. It all came tumbling forward. The terrifying last few hours on the space station replayed in her mind, despite her efforts to push it back down. The memory of the horrifying situation threw her into a tailspin of pain. 
She tumbled deeper down the rabbit hole of bad memories, where she landed on the most tragic of them all—the loss of her parents.  All the other things that she’d never grieved before now heaped retribution on her. She’d done this— stuffed them all down, packed them away nice and tight, and now she was consumed with the festering intensity of them. Kyra never thought about them because she feared she’d never emerge sane again—too alone and weak to venture into this space by herself. 
As she clung to Tordin, though, that feeling of being alone and weak was…missing. She felt more solid somehow. Kyra relaxed a little into the onslaught of memories with him holding her and allowed scenes to play in her mind. Scenes of her dead parents in the front of the crumpled car, flashes of Commander Mark lying dead against the wall of the space station, Brantley misusing her, so much fire and fear, Phoebe unconscious in the wreckage of the station and so many more scenes of destruction in which Kyra had been unable to help… She’d pushed them down all her life, and now they wouldn’t be denied attention any longer. 
The wailing sound that snaked up and out of the depths of her tormented soul prompted Tordin to give her a tighter hug. His strong, warm body acted as a buffer against the loneliness and fear of this painful plane of existence. She wailed and cried in long deep sobs. Over and over she turned the scenes at various angles in her mind’s eye, scrutinizing them. What could she have done better? 
She should have been stronger, more confident. She was no better than Brantley. She was a coward, too. That fueled her hatred for him—he reminded her too much of herself. She could have done more to help and change things, but she just allowed everything to happen without fighting and resisting more. Her ugliness threatened to rip her apart.
Pain from her fingernails digging into her palms as she gripped the front of Tordin’s shirt, gave her permission to hurt. He allowed her to abuse his shirt, pulling and tugging on it as she thrashed and bucked through the darkest part of her memory palace’s dungeon. The memories were heavy chains looping over her and pulling her down to the ground. She might not make it through this—it was too much.
“It’s too much. I can’t…I can’t bear it,” she said not knowing if she’d said it aloud or in a silent scream.
“I’m here, dear Kyra, hold onto me. Give it to me, let me help you. I can take it for you and bear the burden. We are in this together,” he whispered and rubbed her back as he began to rock her.
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

#WriterTips TOP TEN WAYS to be a GOOD GUEST blogger

Lately I've been getting more questions about writerly things, so I figured it would be fun to do a weekly TOP TEN #writer's tips on different topics. 

This week I'll do one of the first I learned as a published author. Took some trial and error, but this is a list of what worked for me. I find guest posts can be a great way to expose you to new readers. So many give up on doing them because they don't feel there's any point. 

Why? Because they don't get comments. Sales don't budge. It seems like a lot of work for nothing.

What's important when doing any kind of marketing is to consider what you're trying to get out of it. If it's to reach readers a good post will do that. There's a '7 times' rule I've seen repeated over and over again. There's no real evidence to this, but your books do need to be seen if you want readers to give them a chance.

That's the point of this list. Making sure they're seeing the best of you and your books.

Sounds obvious, but as a reader I can tell you a lot of authors are just going through the motions.

If you're willing, here's some tips to help you fix that. ;)



Seriously, you already know this. When you named your book you didn't go for the most boring title, did you?

If you did then stop reading here. I can't help you.

Good way to know if you have a good title? Are you excited about the post? Does the title show that?

Bad post title
How I wrote this book
Good post title
Sleepless nights and the STORY that stole my SOUL (My muse is EVIL)

Don't use that example though. I'm totally going to! ;)


Always good advice, but really important here. You have five seconds to catch most people's attention. More with readers, because they have bigger brains, but they've also got other things to do.

Like read. And read some more.

Maybe get a snack.

Check facebook to catch up on the latest drama, chat with friends in Turkey, and post pictures of goats.

 Be more interesting than a goat. 


source: Google search

Your post should always include images. Gifs are fun too if the blog will allow it. You should be careful how you use images you don't buy, but you CAN use an image of anyone you want to share what/who inspired you. One good tip is to credit the source if you can.

A post isn't a book. Lots of words without a break can be tiring. Besides, when your link is shared images will show up on most social media and helps with the being more interesting than a goat.

You might think this doesn't need to be said, but it REALLY does. Include all links in your guest post. The host blogger should not have to hunt them down. Most won't.

Every post you do should have, at very least: Your website (If you don't have one, GET ONE. This is your home base. Readers need somewhere to check you out), buy links, and social links.

Many authors grumble about this. I totally get it. Some people do nothing but hunt around for stuff to win and they don't buy anything.

BUT giveaway posts are shared more and get more views. Don't worry about the few greedy people. Focus on the many who are simply looking for a great read and are tempted by the chance to win something too!

IMO, your giveaway SHOULD NOT be the book you're promoting. Offer books from your backlist, audiobooks, gift cards, fluffy socks, your firstborn...

Offering the book your spotlighting removes some of the urge to buy. Why buy something you might get for free?

The blogger will share your post, but if you don't you're limiting its reach. Not sure why you'd want to do that. Did you figure your job was done when you sent in the post?

When you share a post, especially if you do it from the blogger's page, the views go up. Encouraging your readers to share as well means more people will see your post. When you're starting out it might just be a few people, but every one of those people is a potential reader.

Nothing is more important than reaching those readers. They won't buy your book if they don't know about it. They won't know about it if you don't share. Kinda like when you write a novel and stuff it in a drawer.

Good reading for the dustbunnies and sock trolls.

7. Q&A
This one is great because it's not just shoving stuff in readers faces with a BUY MY BOOK!

You're engaging. Sharing a bit of yourself. Offering to answer questions in the comments--making this part of the giveaway is a bonus--makes it feel like you're a guest that's actually THERE.

Trapped in a little box where readers can poke you with a stick. A lot more fun than it sounds. <g>

Participate in your own success. This can't be said enough.

You want readers to check out your book? Give them a little taste.

What kind of excerpt? Well, how about a scene that will make them squirm? Is your book hot? REALLY HOT?

The excerpt should sizzle.

If it's scary make the hairs rise on the back of their necks. If it's emotional, make them feel something.

A good book captures all kinds of emotions. That's why we read. Your excerpt is like a promise that readers will find more of this between the pages.

Most bloggers don't charge a thing for you to take a spot on their blog. They're doing it to give their readers interesting content. Because they love books themselves. Because they want to support authors.

For all these reasons, and more, they're taking the time to set up your post. Make it easier for them. If you know how to do html set up your post yourself and send them a doc with the codes. Also sent them a plain version of your post, just in case their blog doesn't work well with the codes or they need to move things around for a better layout. 

Don't send posts or excerpts not spaced properly. Check to make sure all your links work. If you've been given a list of things to provide for the blog, make sure you have everything checked off before emailing them.

Last, but not least, try to email them once your post if up for a quick thank you. A big blogger or a very busy author might not get back to you after--unless they're choosing the winner for your giveaway--but they'll see the email and appreciate it. And be happy to have you on their blog again.


That's all for today! I hope this helped a little bit. :)

If you have any ideas for future TOP TEN #WRITERTIPS, let me know in the comments!

Also, if you're looking for a guest spot, check out my WEEKLY GUEST POSTS and grab a date!